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For better business with us, we encourage you to go through the following disclaimer:

  • We cannot guaranty or take no responsibility for any erroneous information provided by users or manufacturers to our team. Data in our market research or analysis reports can be subject to fluctuation, since the information is largely based on interviews.
  • Without VMR's written permission, you are not allow or unlawful to disclose, lend, circulate, or resell any part of our reports or services.
  • We do not take any responsibility of data loss from any of you company sales representive, executives or any other employees. In case of ordering physical or printed copy, we do not take any responsibility of product damage or any other damage which may happen due to weather conditions or any other issues.
  • We have "No Return" policy, so we request you to read all our terms before taking purchase decisions. You can read available report description, Table of Contents for free. We can provide free sample report on request.

Write us at sales@vertexmarketresearch.com for more information.

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